Weekly Reflection 9: Learning is Messy- A Whole ‘Lotta Shaken Goin’ On

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In Brian’s post he tells about how he reminisced an earthquake that had happened in his past in the San Francisco Bay Area. He remembers where he was and what he was doing and how he became concerned for the safety of his wife. What he really remembers is how he is going to question his students about the earthquake, and how he was lucky that they have been talking about earthquake preparedness in the unit they were on. Afterwards when everything was settled back down some of the student’s parents came and thanked Brian for taking the time out and having a unit about earthquake preparedness because the children remembered to fill the bathtub with water in case the water would be ruptured from an aftershock to turning off the gas to the house to keep from blowing up.

Living in Kansas, we need to prepare our students more for tornadoes instead of Tornadoearthquakes because tornadoes are more common. Students need to know what area in their house students need to go to to be able to survive the storm. What emergency plan should the family have and were is the emergency kit is located and how full of supplies there are including a weather radio. Where should students do or go when the storm subsides. Also students need to practice the safety at home as well in their schools. Give the students the knowledge of how to be safe when a powerful storm is coming.

Tornadoes are like earthquakes no one knows when one can strike.